Thursday, February 9


"Never put off tomorrow what you can do today." - Thomas Jefferson

It seems our lives are moving faster than ever before. Technology has sped up how we receive information. We are racing from professional events to personal events almost daily. And we spend more time planning future events than those intimate, important daily interactions with our clients, friends, and family members.

Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame and South Carolina head football coach, made a lasting impression with me during a Get Motivated seminar event in the fall of 2011. He said that the reason he built better relationships, won more games, and became more successful was his principle of "WIN." WIN stands for What's Important Now! Coach Holtz expressed the importance of making decisions about items that had the biggest impact now, not six months from now.

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Shifting your mindset from thinking about "what's next" to "what now" has long-lasting benefits.

a. People will appreciate you removing distractions as you are fully engaged in conversations.

b. The details will likely become just that...detailed.

c. You will begin to eliminate procrastination tendencies because you are focused on the here and now and not the might be whenever.

d. Simple moments will have greater meaning and signification. You will appreciate and notice the small things that sometimes go unnoticed.

What can you add to this? I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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