Tuesday, February 7


We all have those moments when you feel like you're unstoppable. Everything slows down. It all seems easy. But then you feel like you are staring at the green light, but this time you are not moving. Have you lost momentum? Or better yet, are you stuck in park?

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Here are 3 reasons you may be sitting still in life when the light is green:

1. Plateauing - You may have reached a pinnacle in life that took extraordinary effort on your part. This is the time to fully REST, RECOVER, and REFLECT. It may take weeks, months, or even a few years to be ready. Don't be disappointed in this phase. Stay busy planning your next goal(s).

2. Observing- You have spent the last few months moving from task to task that you missed the scenery. Use this time to observe your surroundings. Did someone help you along the way that you need to connect with more? Should you read more in your career field? This is a great time to soak everything in while life is slowed down.

3. Re-Routing- There are times that you are so focused on one particular thing that you lose sight of your overall path. This is a time to re-route your life journey. Are you in a job/career that you are unhappy with? This is the time to go back to school, evaluate other career options, and challenge yourself to make happiness a priority over achieving seniority.

Have you been at this same green light in life before? What can you share for others to be inspired?

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