I am a Work In Progress. Recently I started my consulting/training business which focuses on customer service, employee development, and leadership. My goal is to provide companies and individuals with the tools to fully serve each other in  this "me" economy.

I have been privileged to serve many roles in career that have shaped my learning, experience, and knowledge. I have been a Customer Service Coach, Chief Customer Officer, and Account Executive, along with other rank and file positions that I am truly grateful.

I am currently completing 3 very important goals on my Work In Progress journey:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration- After starting college in 1993, and playing around for several years, I realized I wanted and needed to finish. So, after 17 years, I am back in college, completing my degree in December of 2010, all 4 semester on the Dean's List. (COMPLETE)

2. Book published- I have always loved writing and reading is a hobby of mine. My goal was to publish a book, and I am finalizing my book, Life Is A Work In Progress, to be published in late September 2010. (COMPLETE)

3. Weight loss- I am very proud of this journey that will always continue. Growing up, I was always the stocky kid. I played sports and excelled. But after a serious of company restructurings, and life changing events, my weight ballooned to a large 331 lbs. I have lost over 100 lbs. to date and my goal weight is 215 lbs. and to be in the Men's Health  magazine Belly Off Club.


I am an avid reader and writer. I kept a journal by my side at all times. I enjoy playing sports, baseball, softball and golf. I run about 25 to 30 miles each week. I also love being a father to an amazing son, Braxton, who has challenged me to become better each day and to live life to the fullest, and we do. I also love encouraging and developing other people. I never realized that I needed to accomplish this personally to fully appreciate working with other people. I love Customer Service and it has been my passion since I began working as a professional. Finally, becoming an authentic leader is my purpose. I want to leave a legacy with the lives I am blessed to have been involved with.