Finding the BEST in Others- Helping Leaders Build Tomorrow's Leaders

Life is a Work In Progress- 5 Steps To Becoming A Better You
College Success for Transfer Students- The 3 Be's For Successful Students


"Brock Patterson's down to earth, common sense style of communication captures listeners and readers from the beginning and keeps their attention until the end. He has a talent for connecting with people and a wit and humor loved by all.” - P. Calahan, Advisor-MTSU

"your presentation captivated the attention of the students" - Dr. C. Wills, Professor-MTSU

"it really put everything in perspective. You are proof that I can still achieve the goal I have desired from the beginning" - S. Givens, Student-MTSU

"I had high expectations of your presentation, and Brock overachieved them." - Dr. W. Rollins, Professor-MTSU


January/February 2012: MTSU (University 2020 Classes) - College Success for Transfer Students

February 14, 2012:MTSU (Academic Success Series) - How to Balance Work, School, and Family Life

March 13, 2012: MTSU (Academic Success Series) - How to Give a Winning Presentation


October 20, 2011: Orlando, Florida- 2011 Southeast Business Education Association (Regional Conference), Finding the BEST in Others

September 2011: MTSU, College Success for Transfer Students

March 26, 2011: Murfreesboro, Tennessee- Delta Pi Epsilon Chapter Meeting, Finding the BEST in Others

January/February 2011: MTSU, College Success for Transfer Students

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