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"You can't coach hustle," a phrase I have used many times coaching youth sports. It resonates with parents of children who think their child is the next Clay Matthews, Derek Jeter, or Albert Pujols. What that means is that all of the talent is nothing without effort or hustle. The same principle applies in businesses. Employees have found the minimally acceptable amount of work needed to maintain job security. Leaving additional duties, tasks, and projects for those employees who give the most effort- who hustle.

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I don't see this paradigm changing anytime soon. The 80/20 principle will continue to apply to effort in that 20% of your employees will produce 80% of the output of work. So what that means to employees is:

a. If you give more effort, then you will get more opportunities.

b. If you give more effort, then you will receive better compensation.

c. If you give more effort, then you will obtain promotions.

d. If you give more effort, then you will be more personally satisfied.

Make sure you are the 20%. Effort equals opportunities, compensation, promotions, and satisfaction. What can you add to the effort epidemic? Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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