Tuesday, January 24


That was the statement that changed my career forever. It had been several months of head-butting, ego, and territory marking with my manager when it finally hit. "He is worried that I am not supporting him but rather have my own agenda," I thought. Sure it bothered me that, yet again, I was the one eating a piece of humble pie. But trust me, it was well worth then and has continued to be several years down the road.

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Here are 3 reasons why it will help you:

1. TRUST. Your manager will recognize that you are on "their" team which will strengthen the relationship and break any barriers to trust. Expect praise.

2. RECOGNITION. Your manager will begin to see all of your contributions that had previously been hidden by the weakened relationship. Expect to see career progress.

3. AUTONOMY. Your manager will allow you to work more independently because they belief that you are working for the better good of the company, your manager, and your customers. Expect freedom.

How can I better serve you?

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