Monday, January 30


When I worked more frequently with call center management, I remember hearing many leaders tell their employees to, "fake it 'til you make it," while attempting to provide world class customer service. While their intentions and heart were in the right place, these leaders could not have given any worse advice.

The problem did not occur to management that the issue wasn't customer service, in fact it had to do with their corporate culture and hiring practices. By telling employees to "fake it" was damaging any credibility of the management team. Business should be more concerned on the front end to make better hiring decisions, and train the appropriate skills and behaviors that fit their core corporate values and strategic initiatives.

Here are a few other bad pieces of advice:

1. "The only thing that matters is the bottom-line." True, however, skipping critical steps in processes, overstepping boundaries and authority is a good way to turn the bottom-line from black to red.

2. "It is what it is." No, it's not. I have written about this before. Sure, there are several things in business that are fact, but you can't just sit idle in hopes that change will happen. It takes persistence, effort, and a good plan.

3. "Don't rock the boat." I am working on an article about this very topic. Businesses are becoming more and more diverse which means that collaborative thinking and participation is widely accepted. Don't just sit there and agree for the sake of looking bad. Provide sound reasoning and justification behind your ideas. Give statistics and testimonials. The boat just might start moving forward.

Have you heard any other phrases that you can add to this list? Leave your comments.

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