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It is simple. You have a choice to have a good attitude towards your customers. They should never be on the receiving end of your anger, frustration, or tired mind. If you don't want to hear from them, stop answering the phone.

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Here are the 3 critical times during the day that your can affect telephone customer service. And these are no brainers, but you will see why.

1. 7:00-8:00 a.m.- Customers are commuting to work themselves and have dozens of things going through their mind. If they are reaching out to your company, consider that a good thing. Customers don't want to hear you be irritated because the phone rang so early. If you are open for business, BE OPEN for customers.

2. Lunch Break- When customers leave for lunch, many are trying to resolve personal matters including that customer service call to your company. Sure, you "may be experiencing higher than normal call volume," but customers deserve the same amount of attention now than any other time.

3. 4:30-6:30- The drive home is relaxing for many people because they are unwinding mentally from the day. If they call your offices, don't take your tired, long day out on them. Be patient and understanding.

If you can recognize these 3 critical times of customer service and respond professionally with understanding and appreciation to resolve the issue then you will likely maintain a loyal customer. Otherwise your company will be the next written vent session on social media platforms.

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