Wednesday, August 18


Night turns to day. We begin our crusade to improve our lives only to be hit head-on by a series of same ole situation blues. We hurry out to complete our day, only to arrive back home no different than the start. Why then, are you turning the pages of your life, only to be reading the same chapter over and over again?

Start today by writing a new chapter. Begin with a new sheet of paper, willing to explore new options and new possibilities. With so many options, why read the same novel of your life, twice?

This past weekend, a few friends and I had stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings to eat after a long, grueling hot softball tournament. The topic turned to our children and their future. One of my friends, Jeff, said that "we never knew growing up about all the possibilities we could do for careers." And he was so right. We can explore jobs online, shadow people in the workplace, and even go to work with our parents for a day. All to give us a clearer picture of what we want out of our lives. "You can even go freakin' swim with the dolphins," he said in a subtle but awakening tone. Your life is waiting.

Today, I am writing several new chapters to my life. The previous chapters have been lived and been read.

So, what new chapter are you going to write for your life? Do you have a bucket list or some other way of tracking your personal plans? Post your comments here: I'd love to hear your new chapter!

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