Thursday, August 19


The days are getting longer and the years are getting shorter. Seems a bit confusing, but if you are like me, it makes perfect sense. We pack so much into our days, the calendar and planner are busting at the stitches. And yet, today I realize we are more than half-way through 2010. Where did the time go? With so many choices for restaurants, hobbies and recreation activities, education, careers, and social media, it is no wonder that we get caught up trying to accomplish so many things each day, that we turn around and another year has past, but did we really, truly experience more?

With so many opportunities, we are becoming multi-lifers. What is a multi-lifer? A multi-lifer is someone who has a primary career, a secondary hobby in which they are trying to start out as an entrepreneur, a family either with or without children, exercises and/or plays sport(s), networker, social media participant, and mentor. Add more to the list if you would like, but you get the picture. This type of person is seeking to burn the candle at both ends. They believe they are experiencing all that that has to offer, but in John Gray's, How To Get What You Want And Want What You Have , we have love tanks that could be severely ignored.

Recently, I took part in Robert Pickstone's #21days Challenge , which provided extreme motivation to meet a goal by completing it 21 days in a row, thus creating a habit. My first challenge was a complete success. I ran 21 days in a row, 3 - 6 miles each day. I felt tremendous and it was a part of my life goals. The challenge continues each month as we begin the 1st day of each month, to strive to make a new habit. And here is where multi-lifeing came into play.

I am a father, writer, runner, exercise, full-time student, completing an internship, working, coaching little league, entrepreneur, speaker, friend, and not to mention both of grandparents that are living have been sick. (More could be added, but I don't want to bore you.) So I sought out to spend 1 hour working on my new business adventure each day. It seemed so easy. 1 hour. That is all. Plus I still run 5 to 6 times a week, and the story goes from there.

I was trying to experience more in my life than I had time for. I wanted more. Just like many of you, but I couldn't face the facts. I needed to be realistic with the time of the year, the month, my goals. Be SMART as they say. After all, this was a goal that is part of another life goal, but why did I make it so hard.

Many times, Multi-lifers, have their heart in the right place. Many events in our lives are fillers, occupying blocks of time so we appear busy, competitive, successful, when in reality, we aren't filling our days with enough of the big rocks, like 7 Habits by Stephen Covey and Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. Amazing what we can truly experience if we fill our days the right way with great time management.

So, keep experience life, keep reaching for your dreams, and keep motivating others. This philosphy keeps me living my Work In Progress lifestyle.

Do you feel like a Multi-Lifer? What experience can you share that will help others truly experience all that life has to offer and more. Post your comments here:


  1. Hi Brock,

    I completely understand the life of a multi-lifer, although maybe not quite to the extent that you do! I think it’s a good trait to be have so many interests and to be wanting to achieve so many goals – as you point out, being SMART is probably the key to balancing this all out. Whatever you decide to focus your time and energy on, be sure to plan in some “re-charge the batteries” time and this will help you give more during each day. This is probably my weakest point but I am trying to work on it!


  2. Rob,

    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your thoughts.

    The re-charge is critical for us if we want balance and to continue to reach higher and farther in life. Well said! Keep working hard.