Monday, August 23


As leaders, we often hold informational meetings, team meetings, one-on-one evaluations, training sessions, and personal conversations. With so much information being pushed at the front-line employee, there is not much room for miscommunication or misunderstanding. There lies the problem. Do leaders effectively communicate or do they simply talk.

There are 2 critical errors leaders make in communicating:

1. And so on.. How many times have you been on the receiving end of someone who just went on-and-on and on-and-on. Probably too many to remember. The problem is that during this communication transfer, the leader will go on about several different topics. And chances are at this point, employees really are listening. Why? Because during the "so on" phase, a leader will divulge information on private or sensitive topics, and may even backtrack or will be inconsistent with his/her message. Employees will see holes in the communication and begin to lack trust in their leader.

2. Etc... A cousin of the "and so on." This type is used by leaders who add "etc..." details to the conversation that are either no relevant or completely out of place. Negative feelings and emotions from leaders will surface and be transferred during the communication process. There is potential for employees to see a leader as wishy-washy or not focused.

Be careful what you say, someone might be listening. Leaders should be aware of their communication style, content, and message-both verbal and non-verbal to be effective at leading others. Seek out a mentor for feedback.

Have you experienced either of these two critical errors? What advise can you add to help leaders communicate more effectively? Post your thoughts and comments here:

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