Friday, August 27


On the drive in to the office recently, I heard and interview with Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator Mike Heimerdinger. He was describing his thought process, practice, and execution of new plays he creates for his quarterbacks to run. Mike described how created plays that were tried during training camps, pre-season games, and during practice. The QB would be given the play to run and execute and Heimerdinger would evaluate the play, progression, and results. What I found amazing was the fact that he listened to his QB's and their progress, succession, and feel for the play. He observed and listened to his employees.

During this interview, Mike said that if his QB did not "feel" the play, or think they could effectively "execute" the play, he would take it out of the playbook. A play he spent his time reviewing game film, analyzing his future opponents, and his own team, he would throw out a play he created. WOW!

I can almost guarantee that in the corporate landscape, the same does not apply. Managers create new plays or plans, and these plans are carried out until either enough is enough, or something business critical happens that forces a change.

As a leader, are you calling the right plays for your employees? Do you create new business plans and processes and follow-up to see if they are effectively carrying out your task? Is your idea so important to you, that you fail to see the big picture. Take some time to discover what is working and not working for your staff. Ask questions to uncover true strengths. Observe them fully engaged in work.

How can you call the right plays for your employees? What ideas have you found that create more productive progress for your company. Post your thoughts and ideas here:

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