Tuesday, September 7


As a child, I remember the original Transformer series. My friends and I watched the cartoon and collected the vehicles. To see Transformers as an adult was incredible. Both movies have been winners in my eyes.

The Transformers had a motto: "more than meets the eyes." They were robots who transformed into other objects including jets, police cars, motorcycles, and big 18-wheelers. There was truly more to them than at first glance. The same phrase holds true for your employees.

Employees are unique individuals. Leaders rarely even scratch the surface when determining how to motivate, teach, train, and lead their staff members. They are "more than meets the eye."

I remember leading an employee who worked in our production center. He was a materials handler and held general stocking and pulling order duties. But he was more. He had a Masters degree in Business. Interesting. He didn't talk about it so I had to get to know him more to uncover this nugget of information. The result, through our partnership and development sessions was a great promotion opportunity in our client services division.

Now, had I just taken him at face value, our company would have never benefited from his knowledge and experience, but it may have taken longer for his own personal and professional development.

Take some time to understand your staff. Get to know them. What motivates, drives, and inspires them to action. It is not the same for everyone. Take a walk outside. Eat lunch together. Encourage them. There is always is "more than meets the eyes."

How do you uncover more about your staff and their potential? What have you learned about getting to know more about your employees. Share your thoughts and comments here:

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