Monday, August 16


Did you ever hear "It's time to make the doughnuts?" It was a very funny commercial from Krispy Kreme doughnuts several years ago. The employee woke to his assembly like motion to make doughnuts each day. How many times during each week do we spend waking up to go to work to engage in what we deem meaningless in our day to day lives? With so many things that occupy our time, why go to work?

A friend of mine, Jay, and I were talking recently about work. He is a very gifted employee as I have worked with him before. But his mindset is like many people today. He allows the company to have control over him, his thoughts, almost in a crippling manner. Work feels like being a person who is owned, only to be a puppet to the company.

I told him to stop going to "work." What? Stop going to work? Absolutely. I told him that he needed to start looking at himself as a consultant or a contractor who was billing his services to the company for the week, month or however you get paid. He provides a service to his employer. He is in control. So simple, but so awakening.

We spend our lives worrying about things in our workplace that we can change by altering the way we think. You can chose to go to work each day, or you can chose to be an owner of your destiny, and be a consultant who provides services for payment. What are you going to choose?

How do we go to work each day without sacrificing our own individuality? What ways can you add to help people from being trapped or being a prisoner in the workplace. Post your comments here:

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