Thursday, August 12


The process seems simple. Take action, progress, achieve goals. But if you are like me, the journey to reaching your unlimited potential begins and ends with how you communicate with yourself. Yourself, you ask? That's right, we talk to ourselves from the time we get up, til the time we lay down, and even in our dreams. What you say to yourself is critical to making a breakthrough to a new and improved you.

There are an estimated 50-75,000 thoughts a human creates each week. Some of these are unconscious while others we are very aware of the emotional nature and context of each thought. Breaking through is about changing your thoughts. It is about believing in yourself. So how do you get through?

1. You are the only unique you. There is only 1 you, no other in the world. You have different abilities, strengths and skills that are combined are different than any other person in the world. Be proud. Accept that who you are is who you are.

2. Accept reality. I wanted to be a professional baseball player. I was average. But the reality was I would never be one. Instead, I challenged myself, to live the life I have been given to the fullest.

"Be honest with yourself, its the person you have to trust the most"              - Brock Patterson

3. Positive affirmations. Try to count all of the negative thoughts that enter your mind each day. You probably can't keep track. And I don't mean, "you suck at everything," thoughts. The I can't, I don't, What if, There's no way, and the list goes on. Replace with I can, I will, I am.

These are just a few ways of changing your thoughts. What other thoughts can you add that will help deliver you to becoming a better you. Post your comments here:


  1. I have never thought about this topic! Very interesting. That is crazy that we can have up to 75,000 thoughts a week!!! Great post. :)

  2. Ashley,

    It is amazing how many thoughts we have during the week. We have to pay attention to the positive vibe in which we talk to ourselves. Thanks for commenting.