Tuesday, February 21


We've all been at the crossroad where our blurry vision sees one path leading to greatness while the other leading to complacence. Our minds are filled with questions and possibilities. Should I start my new company? Will be start-up be successful? Can I make it as an entrepreneur?

It's in that moment visionaries have one of two types of sight: Fence-posting or Landmarking.

Fence-post Visionaries: These types of visionaries picture themselves on the outside looking in on their dreams and goals. They are able to see a panoramic view of their new business ideas. Fence-post visionaries tend take longer to soak ideas, costs, operations, and strategic initiatives in before acting on them. The market may drastically change before they act on their new start-up business.

Landmark Visionaries: These types of visionaries picture themselves in the middle of the action. They are up close and personal to their dreams and goals. They have an intimate view of their customers, markets, and ideas, and can even visualize products and services long before the doors are open. These visionaries are aggressive, timely, and are ready to be excited by the thrill of risk-taking in their new start-up business.

As I have learned recently about starting a new business, I had to shift from being a fence-post to a landmark visionary. If I continued to quietly observe my business from afar while not acting, I was missing out on following through on my dreams and goals.

What advice can you give new entrepreneurs about creating a vision for their start-up?

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