Monday, February 20


Picture a painting with tears, holes, and filth all over it. What used to be an exotic piece of art is now weathered and experienced. Can't the same be true about our lives? We live our young lives being cleaned up after, to be presented to the world fresh and new again. But as adults, we fail to exert the same effort needed to start each day brand new.


It is just that easy. Insert Clean Slate Today! Each day we have the beautiful opportunity of living life brand new. So what if you didn't eat healthy all weekend. Insert Clean Slate Today! Maybe you didn't spend enough time on that new project. Insert Clean Slate Today! What if you didn't get to visit family and friends. Insert Clean Slate Today!

The choice of yours to begin each day brand new with a refreshing charge towards all of your personal and professional goals. Don't let another second go by thinking about how imperfect your painting of life is. Insert Clean Slate Today!

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