Tuesday, January 17


Reading about the latest catastrophic event that happened with the cruise line in Italy made me really think hard about how to handle life when it gets out of control. This event is so much more dramatic than some of our day to day events. The hardest part is simply hanging on.

How we handle life when it begins to unravel is critical in discovering who you truly are. I told a friend of mine, Al, during our corporate restructuring to, "ride the bull." A phrase that stuck for several years. Riding the bull meant acknowledging the difficult situation we were facing and understanding the reality. It didn't mean pretending it didn't exist or to what extreme. Championship bull riders are challenged to stay on for 8 seconds. A short but grueling 8 seconds.

In life there are critical moments that require us to simply hang on for a short period of time. The stronger we become at hanging on the easier it becomes over time.

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