Tuesday, January 17


Baseball is America's favorite past-time and I am one of baseball's biggest fans. I played collegiate baseball and have now found solice in adult men's softball leagues. Our careers are very similar to a baseball team. There are star players and performers, average, consistent members, and those who are waiting for their chance to shine. While there are stories in sports media of the ill-tempered rookie demanding higher salaries and more playing time, learning opportunities can be found in many stories to move you from the sidelines to the headlines.

Yep, that's me last season after a hit!

How do you get from the sidelines to the headlines?

a. Observe- This is the opportunity to soak everything in like a sponge. Keep a notebook with you at all times. Write down things you notice about your coworkers, other departments, management, systems, and client relations. Don't formulate your opinion or reserve judgment until you completely understand all of the processes and people involved.

b. Ask- Now is the time to learn from trainers, supervisors, and your peers. Ask plenty of questions. Remember that notebook....I hope it is still handy. Take time at the end of each day to compile of questions to ask the following day.

c. Practice- You may be given the opportunity to place sales calls or even create a new marketing campaign. Don't expect perfection. Practice Makes Progress. Get in there and make mistakes. Practice. Practice. Practice.

And when your supervisor/manager calls on you to perform, you will be ready to play! Put me in coach!

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