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Customers who frequent a business or establishment are referred to as "regulars." A regular customer is known by employees, management, ownership, and even other customers. As soon as a regular enters the business, they are called by name, acknowledged and greeted in a family-like welcome. Everyone makes an attempt to connect with the regular.

So why are businesses not converting more customers into regular customers. Is it the customer that makes the relationship easy? Businesses have to find ways to covert customers in loyal customers. A part of the family.

I have learned 3 key lessons about converting customers into regulars:

1. Welcome Home-Use your customer's name:
One of the first thing you hear when a regular enters your business, "Good morning, Brock, how's your week been?" Immediately, I feel like I am at home or with family. The employees know what I am looking for or are so eager to help me find what I am looking for that I forget I am a customer.

Ask your customer for their name and begin using it. Once you pass the customer to fellow associate, hand them off using their name. Quickly the customer will start feeling like family.

2. I'll have the usual: Understand your customer's patterns:
I drink the same cup of coffee when I am on campus for classes. The staff already gets the drink cup ready for me when they see me coming. It feels great to know they understand me. But they are equally excited when I order a different drink.

Take your time when finalizing a connection with your customer. Remember their order and their pattern. Surprise them by having it ready for them the next time they visit. Even if that wasn't what they had in mind, they will be flattered. And let everyone in their network know about you and your brand.

3. I'm one of them: Include customers in your family.
One of the coolest parts of visiting my wireless company is the feeling I get when the sales reps at the store include me in conversations not related to the wireless industry. We talk about golf, sports, business, and the family. I feel like part of something bigger than my phone upgrade. I feel like part of the family.

Talk to your customers like they are one of your friends. Chances are some of your customers are very similar to your friends. If several employees are discussing a topic, ask your customer what they think about the topic. Make them feel like they are part of the crew.

You can convert your average customer into a regular customer. It doesn't take any more effort than one of your other customer experiences.

Can you define your regular customers? What do you think are other ways to convert an average customer into a regular customer?

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