Wednesday, July 21


I found myself becoming too agreeable during the beginning part of my career. I wanted to be the best in every aspect of my position. Taking projects always ended with a yes. But when the perfect project, job, or situation came along, I found myself giving in to the pressure to do the right thing. And add yet another project.

The key moment for me was the fact that I realized I was sabotaging my own personal growth by taking on too many tasks or projects. I become ineffectively effective and getting by. My giving in was just as bad as giving up. I had to change. Here is what I am developing as a Work In Progress:

1. Strengths: Focus on the task and projects in which you have the greatest ability to input your strengths. This takes time for some people to grasp what they are strong in. Read Strengths Finder by Tom Rath which is an amazing book on finding your strengths. Once you understand what areas to focus, select those projects accordingly.

2. Individual Contributor: Being a leader in a project is the natural reflex for some. Seeing a task to completion is just natural. The hard part is taking on too many tasks can leave you exhausted and ultimately spread so thin that your normal progress is slowed or stagnant. Try to allow others to lead and encourage them as an individual part of the team.

3. Time management: A major problem in working with a lot of groups on projects is the limited time available for yourself on other resources. If you plan to assist in a project, make great use of all of your time management skills. Planners, calendars, note taking, follow-up, whatever it takes to organize your time so you can contribute the best of you. Schedule time each week to review your projects. Add more time for some and take away from others.

Projects are a great way for a leader to transform their skills and reach higher personally and professionally. Be careful to understand your role on the team, your commitment with time, and your strengths related to the project.

Anyone can be involved, but not everyone can change and evolve.

How have you successfully managed your projects? What are tips you can add to this list? Add your comments here.

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