Tuesday, July 20


I remember seeing the challenge posted from Robert Pickstone on his blog 21 Day Challenge and it was just the motivation I needed to push towards some of my personal goals. What I liked most about the challenge was that I was going to be updating via social media. Brilliant. I found this challenge to create a habit in 21 days exciting and rewarding while maintaining accountability to myself and my new followers. The challenge presented 3 levels of inspiration:

Level 1: Internal Inspiration: This level of inspiration is found within our minds, our spirits, and our soul. We have to be inspired through self-talk and self esteem to provide the foundation to move towards our hopes and dreams. Mohandas Gandhi said, "a man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." During this 21 day journey, I thought about the goal at hand.

Level 2: Immediate Inspiration: Friends, family members and communities (online) provide the framework to catapult our actions. We are inspired by others actions, words, and being. Our close relationships both model the behavior we are working towards or provide a spark to ignite our passions.

Level 3: Global Inspiration: The world provides enough stimulus as we reach Level 3. We are reminded about our goals and dreams through television, radio, and the Internet. We read stories that are similar to our own journey. This reminder is the reinforcement to continue our journeys despite the challenges we face.

Are you inspired to reach a new goal? What are ways you use different types of inspiration to help yourself or others? Post your comments here.

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