Monday, April 11

One Size Fits Most: Finding What Motivates Employees

It seems that the trend has moved from "one size fits all," to "one size fits most." People are changing and so are their needs. What drives one person does not even register for another. Finding what motivates employees is a mission critical task for any leader wanting to drive his/her staff forward into prosperous, innovative, and productive performance.

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Each employee is unique and has different factors that motivate them. Here are a few ideas to discovering what motivates your staff:

1. Schedule lunch. Plan lunch meetings with all of your employees. This can be at your office or off-site. Ask your employee how, what, and what motivates. There is no sense in guessing or trying to be a detective. Simply tell them you want to make sure that you understand them as an individual.

2. Observe. Watch your employee in key business functions. Pay attention during meetings, lunch, conferences, and other company events. Do they ask to be involved in groups or projects? Are they asking more questions about benefits and pay? Do they seem inquisitive about time flexibility?

3. Follow-up. Schedule regular coaching sessions to discuss their progress and development. Is something working out great or does it need to be changed? Give them positive and constructive feedback.

There is no greater feeling than seeing your team reach their goals. Help motivate them by discovering what makes them give their "all the time."

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