Thursday, September 30


Last Saturday I overheard someone talking behind me at dinner about an incident that happened while she was taking classes at Nashville School of Law. She said that during a break, several students went outside to smoke. Another girl came up to her, who had several classes with her over the last few years, asked if she could "bum" a light. The girl also said, "what's your name, I've had you in class for a few semesters?" And there we have the problem with communication and technology.

The girl telling the story said, "she doesn't know my name because we aren't facebook friends." How sad and how true. We are living in such a digital time, that unless we are "connected", "friends", or "followers" we probably don't even know our next door neighbor's name. (Mine is Rob for the record.)

We have to become engaged with the people we come into personal contact. Sure, we can do almost everything we need to from in front of our monitors, but building personal relationships are suffering.

I challenge you, learn names of people you see regularly. The guy at the market- Eric, my baristas at Starbucks- Sarah, Kristen, and Will. Give some effort to the cause and you will see results, people will start noticing you, too.

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