Tuesday, September 14


The last 2 weeks have been filled with me giving speeches to new transfer students at Middle Tennessee State University. These students, like myself in the Fall of 2009, are taking a required class because of the progress made at previous institutions. The amazing part is these students are back in school and making progress. Isn't that part of working towards your goals? Progress!

Students at all levels should be making progress. Whether you are a elementary student, college student, ballet student, music student, or a student of life, making progress is the ultimate goal. 

We spend so much time with limited amount of titles to be handed out, awards to be given, that we lose internal inspiration and quit. We need to dig deep inside ourselves and find our inner voice that wants to make progress. To become better. To be our authentic selves.

Are you making progress? Start today, tomorrow has already been planned, and may have a longer to-do list than today!

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