Monday, August 9


I felt really compelled to share with you a few poems that I wrote as I began my life transformation. This is the first one titled, I'm Becoming. The words just landed on the paper with myself only providing the writing instrument. I hope you can appreciate and refer to them as needed. Please feel free to share.


I'm becoming better each day
Beginning it with God I pray
Past is gone, today is now
Never really even knew how
To live, to love, to laugh, to cry
Only focused on the reasons why
No time, no money, no end in sight
With Him I lay in prayer each night

I'm becoming better each day
Found those special words to say
Please forgive me lead my path
In the midst of aftermath
Self-destruction ends right now
Faith in God I'll soon know how
Live for what I see in you
Life begins today, brand new

-Brock Patterson 2006

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