Thursday, August 5


Recently I have noticed more and more service associates are asking me for personal information during the checkout procedure. Phone numbers, zip codes, email addresses, and even store credit cards. Companies are collecting information to determine future store locations, inventory control, and to create mailing lists. And I applaud their tenacity at attempting to accomplish these tasks, but they are missing out, and many other businesses are in the same boat.

Employees are asked to make quota for different diagnostic measures including the above mentioned information. Add that to a heavier workload from tighter budgets and the prize becomes out of reach. But to if you want quality results, you have to change. Change your approach, delivery, pitch, smile. Change something. But your same, "you can save 10%" speech is going to get the same answer every time. NO!

How do you improve your results?

1. Use my name: Many times employees have a debit card in hand as they are about to present the offer of a company credit card. Use my name. It is on the card. And really I don't mind if you look. I like hearing my name.

2. You before me except after we: Most all of the times, customer first approach is the way to go, but if the only ammo you have for a sales pitch is 10% off my purchase today of $42.00 (saving me $4.20) that is not very exciting. But if you tell me about, "We have low rates" or "We offer extra protections, discounts, and other benefits to our loyal cardholders" is little more spicy, and I might be more interested.

3. Look me in the eyes: I know it is tough. And sometimes intimidating. But you have to look someone directly in their eyes to get their attention and trust. Try it out.

These ideas can help you convert some of your customers over into your database. But for me, ask me again and I'll tell you the same.

How can companies convert more customers? What ideas can you add to help increase these services? Ad your comments here:

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